Handouts 2016

Handouts(and links) for 2016 Conference will be added as they are made available.

BlendEd Are We There Yet? by Beth Kabes

Blended Learning Tools by Peg Coover

BreakoutEDU by Michelle Boyce

Coaching to Increase Collaboration in Teachers Integrating Technology by Laurie Friedrich and Guy Trainin

Coding in the Primary Classroom folder and other links by Dustin Carlson

Community Studio by Derek Lahm and  Jamie Horter

Connecting Families: Engaging and Guiding Parents in a Digital Age with Common Sense Education by Keegan Korf

Connecting Your Classroom to the World by Bob Bednar

Devices in Early Childhood and Primary Classrooms by Laurie Friedrich and Guy Trainin

heathercworkshopDigging Into Digital Tools Workshop by Heather Callihan

Digital Assessments by Kathi Smith and Angela Daigle

Digital Portfolio by Alli Pontious

Do they know it? Formative Assessment Tools by Andrew Beland

Establishing a Middle School 1:1 Transition by Michelle Burton and Dawn Prescott

Fun With Digital Citizenship by Darci Lindgren

Gamification in Education by Rebecca Chambers

Google Classroom and Digital Tools for Math Intervention by Darci Lindgren

Google Sites for Teachers and Students by Chad Ackerson

Google Slides is Better Than a Worksheet by Brenda Klawonn

Google Slides: More Than Just PowerPoint in the Cloud by Peg Coover

Looking at the new ISTE Standards by Josh Allen

Microsoft Office 365 Applications by Tess McKinney

Navigating the Waters of Student Privacy by Karen Haase and Keegan Korf

Renovate Learning: Tools for Blended Instruction by Beth Kabes

SeeSaw by Becky Miller

SeeSaw and folder with other links by Dustin Carlson

Simplifying Onboarding Staff and Students by Bill Pulte

Surviving the USAC EPC Portal with Tom Rolfes

Symbaloo’s New Lesson Plan Tool by Jamey Boelhower

Technology Integration Group Meeting by Tina Sauser

Twitter for Beginners by Becky Miller

Unleash Your Students’ Creativity with Story Maps by Harris Payne

Using Social Media to Increase Parent Engagement in Schools by Chad Ackerson

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