Handouts 2013

As presenters send us copies of their handouts or web links, they will be available here.


Peg Coover “Instructional Coaching as Professional Development” goo.gl/GV36gC

Lenny VerMaas lennyvermaas@gmail.com  “The Flipped Classroom” Flipped Classroom Handouts

Patty Wolfe & Heather Callihan patty.wolfe@cozadschools.net hcallihan@ginorthwest.org “Collaboration is NOT just for Students!” Online Presentation is at: http://goo.gl/2LXEAN

Brett Heaton, Kendal Thompson “Doctopus and Goobric” https://sites.google.com/a/ssccards.org/fall-neta-doctopus

Google Apps for Administrators Lynne Herr, ESU #6 (lherr@esu6.org) Jackie Ediger, ESU #9 (jediger@esu9.orghttp://ncsa-netagoogleforadmin.wikispaces.com/

Jenna Krambeck, Mike Krambech “Top Ten Tech Tools for Engagement and Learning” http://t.co/KkgRYZ0OIU



Darci Lindgren dlindgren@esu7.org “Free Internet safety Curriculum” Web site

Ann Feldman “Purposeful Padding in the Classroom” http://www.edtech411.net/conferences.html Prezi http://prezi.com/0sbwopkeadtx/purposeful-padding-in-the-classroom/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy Itunes U (for devices) https://t.co/D1JhIqQzXa pdf handouts PurposefulPaddingGoogle Doc https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B34Q47bMc_4WNjM4VG1Wc0VpeGM/edit?usp=sharing


Graci Gillming “Digital Citizenship: the Hot Potato” goo.gl/LIVF04

David Evertson, Patty Wolfe “Increase Staff and Student Ownership through BOOT” http://goo.gl/SShKoI

Tongay Epp eppt@discoverers.org “You CAN use youtube in the classroom”http://bit.ly/1f0mKJf It has links to my documents; I don’t have handouts; however, they can download and edit these for personal use.

Lenette Sprunk “Free and Low-Cost Supports for Struggling Students” AT for Struggling Students Handout


Linda Sweeting “Game Programming in the Middle School” https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xp78a9Vx2w2cRsqkdzQPLfqIf-1rxuNsCK_xroU-Czw/edit?usp=sharing

Brent Catlett “Harnessing Google Plus Hangouts” globalneta13.weebly.com

Bob Bednar “Teachers in Social Media” http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/fall_ed_tech_conf._teachers_soc.med

Jason Rushing, Susan Prabulos “Google Drive -It’s Elementary” http://goo.gl/dPlSMa


Jason Schmidt “Minecraft in EDU” https://docs.google.com/a/netasite.org/presentation/d/1-BKxxbR1lRvZuGOTpwbun5yzcDU3nWuEwCYwzP76WNs/edit#slide=id.p

Evi Wusk, Julie Jones-Branch, “Hatching Apps for Early Childhood” https://docs.google.com/a/netasite.org/document/d/134aYk8A4bN7qHzeX9nd3mSTe6OzeWLL8WpobmC0ji08/mobilebasic?pli=1

Lori Gierhan and Stephanie Russman <stephanie.russman@lexschools.org>  “Operation iPad….Ignite” Operation iPad Ignite handout

Top 10 Awesome Chrome Extensions, Aaron Svoboda, Kearney Public Schools https://sites.google.com/site/svobodagct/nebraska-fall-ed-tech-conference

Susan Prabulos “Putting it all Together” http://www.thedigitalscoop.com/the_digital_scoop/2013/10/putting-it-all-togetherfall-ed-tech-presentation.html


Molly Aschoff “Open Educational Resources” http://bit.ly/OERNETA

Lynne Herr, Jackie Ediger “Administrators on the Go with Evernote” http://esu6evernote.wikispaces.com/home

Bob Goeman  bgoeman@mail.unomaha.edu “Robots in the Classroom” http://educationalrobotics.wikispaces.com/

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  1. If you don t see a handout posted for a session below, that session may have no handouts or the instructor may be providing materials post-conference.

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