Keynote 2014

Robert DillonRobert Dillon

Thursday night Keynote Session Title and Description

Engage, Empower, Energize: Realizing The Hope of Technology

The power of technology comes through its ability to open doors to exciting learning opportunities for our kids. To feel this power in our classrooms, a community of innovative learning must be fostered by teacher leaders and school leaders. With a passion for excellence driving our work, all students can feel a fresh energy that empowers their learning in the classroom and beyond.

Friday Sessions

Session One Title and Description (8:00 a.m.)

Maximizing Classroom Engagement through Connected Learning

Innovative educators are always looking for ways to get kids excited and engaged with their learning. This session is designed to build capacity in the attendees through discussion, conversation and action planning on a number of strategies to maximize engagement. Topics will include: creating permeable classrooms, using social media to engage experts, learning in the community, and connecting students with authentic audiences. In addition, time for discussion will be made to talk about how providing students with choice, voice, authentic audience, and a chance to change the world will amplify all learning spaces.

Session Two Title and Description (9:15 a.m.)

Integrating Technology and Visible Thinking Strategies

Visible Thinking Strategies are a series of high value teaching strategies that help students with their thinking about their thinking as well as organize critical thinking. Join the conversation about how these strategies when coupled with technology can boost learning and amplify the impact of teaching in all classrooms. Leave with simple, but effective strategies that can be used in the
classroom tomorrow.