Keynote 2016

Keynote: Digital Leadership and Responsibility by Amber Teamann

If you are an educator, you have a responsibility. Whether it be to a staff or to students, there are always eyes on you. In the same ways we monitor our “professional” behavior, we now have a digital responsibility as well. Take charge of how your story is being told, and lead through a positive example for those that you serve. If our students are able to see their social media power used for good, we can change the way they are interacting with each other, and literally, change their world.
TeamannAmber Teamann is the proud principal of Whitt Elementary in Wylie, Texas. Through her years in education, Amber has held leadership positions and served as an Assistant Principal and as a Title I Technology Facilitator which put her on 17 different campuses to help staff and students navigate their digital abilities and responsibilities. Prior to that, she taught 4th grade and loved every single minute of it.
Her credo is that all subjects can be made more engaging to students if we are able to deliver it in a manner in which they want to learn. From being a part of district initiatives to sharing innovative ways to connect with our stake holders across the country, she is always striving to make education more meaningful for her audiences. Recognizing the power of social media and our inherent role in controlling how our stories are told she has been privileged to work with educators across the globe in making transparency a reality for their campus and districts, as well as ones locally.