Keynote Speaker – Sam Stecher

Keynote: MissionMonday: Take the Random Out of Random Acts of Kindness

MissionMonday is a movement to impact your community and make it a better place one week at a time. Learn how to use intentional interventions to impact the climate, culture, and individual relationships. Sam will help you take the Random out of Random Acts of Kindness. You will leave with a plan to engage stakeholders, connect in person/virtually/digitally/directly/indirectly (that should cover our bases), and empower them with consistent interventions to foster the assets everyone needs to be academically successful, socially responsible, and emotionally sound.

About Sam
Sam has been changing school culture from the inside since 1997, serving in roles ranging from Paraprofessional to Superintendent of Schools. Sam got his start in education as a teacher at Horizon Middle School where he taught History and coached wrestling for 11 years. He is also co-founder, with his good friend Mark, of the global movement (seriously, he got an email from Australia once and that counts as “global”)  known as which specializes in providing leaders, educators, schools, and communities with interventions to foster a positive school culture. He also co-authored It Happens in the Hallway, a dynamic account of experiences in the classroom.

Sam has provided instruction, training, and leadership at every level from elementary school to university institutions. Through as well as the opportunity to speak at conferences and schools.  This endeavor began years ago in a little coffee shop where two good friends (what’s up Mark) would get together to talk about their successes and failures as teachers. Logically it grew beyond the classroom to change the world. And that conversation never really stopped. Consider this your invitation to join.

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