Robert Dillon – 2014 Keynote

Robert Dillon2014 Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference Keynote Speaker Announced!

Dr. Robert Dillon serves the students and community of the Affton School District as Director of Technology and Innovation. Prior to this position, he served as a teacher and administrator in public schools throughout the Saint Louis area. Dr. Dillon has a passion to change the educational landscape by building excellent engaging schools for all students. He looks for ways to ignite positive risk taking in teachers and students and release trapped wisdom into the system by growing networks of inspired educators. Dr. Dillon serves as a fellow for the Martin Institute based in Memphis, and as the Secretary of Innovation for Connected Learning, a Saint Louis based organization designed to reshape professional development to meet today’s needs. Dr. Dillon has had the opportunity to speak throughout the country at local, state, and national conferences as well as share his thoughts and ideas in a variety of publications. His first book, Leading Engaging School, is set for publication in the fall. He is supported by his wife and two daughters, and spends the remainder of his time running and cycling.

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Fall Conference Photos

Working Lunch

Thank you Jackie Ediger for sharing her collection of photos from the Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference!

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